Virtual Combat Cards version 1.10.0 is out!

We are proud to have release version 1.10.0. This version bring one important improvement the ability to have handle: Resistance, Vulnerability, Immune, and Insubstantial. We decided to leverage the ongoing and regeneration strategy. This allows handling of complex scenarios like conditional resistance or vulnerability.

Dungeons and Dragons Next and the future of VCC

It has been nearly six months since the last VCC release. So what should we do?

Virtual Combat Cards version 1.9.0 is out!

We are very proud to announce Virtual Combat Cards version 1.9.0. This version includes some bug fixes and a new feature: player view. This new player view uses browser and can be accessed from other devices like tablets and smartphone. This allows player to keep track of their status and overall monster information.

The new player view is the first step in the direction we want to take VCC in. The idea is to replace the entire interface with a web based version. This will allow use of other devices like tablets as clear space on the table. This is not a short journey but hopefully we can move quickly along this path.

Virtual Combat Cards 1.8.0 is out!

Virtual Combat Cards version 1.8.0 is out. This include a series of features that were releases in versions 1.7.1 and 1.7.2. We also include a new Mac Bundle to ease installation. These version brought with them the ability to save combats and the ability to import monster from the D&D Adventure Tools.

Virtual Combat Cards 1.7.2 is out!

We are happy to announce the release of Virtual Combat Cards version 1.7.2. While we are releasing as a patch this does include some new feature. The main improvement is ability to load Adventure Tools exported files (the .monster files). This means you can now bring in your custom monsters to the fray.

Virtual Combat Cards 1.7.1 is out!

The VCC development team is really happy to release Virtual Combat Cards version 1.7.1. The main feature is the ability to save and load combat state. All information controlled is saved and restored, including comments, effect, and initiative, among others.

Virtual Combat Cards 1.7.0 is out!

We are proud to announce the release of Virtual Combat Cards version 1.7.0. For user the most noticeable change is that you now longer have to start and end rounds explicitly. The entire logic has been streamlined. A new Next button will handle all the logic, including reminding the DM of delaying combatants. Besides this we include some minor fixes to the D&D Insider capture logic.

Brief letter from the development front

Version 1.7.0 is starting to become a reality, we still have some work ahead of us, but most of the big work is now behind us. This post is just a brief report on what is going on, since the last update. VCC is now approaching its third birthday, and is alive and moving forward. We hope to have a release up in some weeks, surely before the end of the year. As always people willing to test the release candidates are really welcome.

Virtual Combat Cards Project 1.6.0 released

Fellow Dungeon Masters, we are happy to announce the latest release of Virtual Combat Cards version 1.6.0. This version is the first step in a large transformation we have been working on. On the surface the main new feature is the addition of drag and drop to the user interface.

New in this version:

  • Drag and drop for changing health and applying effects (see [#238]);
  • New Project News panel, which will check this site for news;
  • Automatically check for updates.

Virtual Combat Cards Project 1.5.2 released

We are proud to release a new version of Virtual Combat Cards (version 1.5.2). It includes three bug fixes and a new feature. The new feature is the ability to copy entries on your compendium. This includes monsters, traps and characters. The new version of the Firefox plugin should work with future releases of the browser. One thing detected on the last minute was a slight change on the D&DI format that rendered the capture logic unusable. This has been fixed on this version too.

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