StorySGML V1.0 Proposed tags

New object will be available in the StorySGML V1.0, and thus in StoryEdit. We discuss the proposed tags in this page.

StorySGML will still used tags based on DocBook and HTML. This is to let users feel that they don't have the full HTML options at hand. Since we still have few tags, this should not be an issue. For the new version of StorySGML we are considering the following tags to be usable in the text areas:

  • para: normal paragraph separation;
  • orderedlist: for list that should be numbered;
  • itemizedlist: for list that should be bulleted;
  • note: for text (including the above) that should be placed in a box. The box may have an optional title;

List items are defined by the item tag, which has an optional ending. The content can be a the block elements above, so we can have lists within lists, within notes, and so on.

Within these objects we will allow, the following tags:

A reference to either a map, maparea, log, logentry
A reference to either a persona, locale, group

This should allow space for the new Log and Map objects.