Virtual Combat Cards version 1.9.0 is out!

We are very proud to announce Virtual Combat Cards version 1.9.0. This version includes some bug fixes and a new feature: player view. This new player view uses browser and can be accessed from other devices like tablets and smartphone. This allows player to keep track of their status and overall monster information.

The new player view is the first step in the direction we want to take VCC in. The idea is to replace the entire interface with a web based version. This will allow use of other devices like tablets as clear space on the table. This is not a short journey but hopefully we can move quickly along this path.

To access the new player view you can be accessed via the menu View > Player View. This will open a browser on a launching page. This page includes the information on what IP addresses the player can use to connect to your VCC. Combatant information will only become available once combat has started.

Here are the fixes and improvements included in this version.

  • [#92]
  • [#157]
  • [#273]

This version of Virtual

This version of Virtual Combat Cards is really amazing and solves all the bugs of the previous versions. Its really good to use and explore this and also easy to understand for the new players.