The StorySGML Project

This SGML document type and processing engines is designed to aid Game Master in the creation of RPG and LARP Stories using a hyper-linked document. This can be done using only Jade and the SGML formats. No databases needed, just plain SGML file.


We currently have no complete demos of the workings of this tool. However I have two outputs of the SGML Document. One is an old Vampire Campaign I was working with called Exitlight (this version still has some of the sheet processing, now gone). This is not a complete document but allows you to enjoy the hyperlinking potential. The other example is the ongoing documentation of Petra Ex Nebula Ars Magica campaign. Mostly in english, but still in a rudimentary state.

Download and Documentation

The current version of the Story SGML is 0.9 and is usable and handles all the most important aspects of RPG stories. However sheet processing has been disabled and in under review.

The files:

Note: Documentation is still in initial state. The new version is being worked on, and will chance some bits (should be backward compatible).

StoryEdit a StorySGML Companion

StoryEdit is a Web front end to allows the creation of RPG stories, based on the Story SGML format and tools. It requires PHP and PostGresSQL. Current version is very functional.

Road Map

Information about this project will be handled through the project at SourceForge.