Virtual Combat Cards

Virtual Combat Card is an application to assist Dungeon Masters in controlling D&D 4E combats.

Virtual Combat Cards - D&D 4th Edition Initiative and Combat Tracker

Virtual Combat Cards (VCC) is a Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition combat tracker. It is designed to assist Dungeon Masters in running combats and keeps track of the health, initiative, conditions and effects of all the combatants in a battle. Keeping things simple yet effective is the main design goal.

Best of all VCC is free and multi-platform. It is an Open Source project (see more information visit the project page). VCC it is written in Scala and runs on the Java Runtime Environment, so you can run it on any machine that supports Java. It has been successfully tested on Windows, Linux, MAC.

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Effect that change on failed saving throw

Some effects like Sleep and Medusa petrification start of in one condition then progress to worst conditions. To be able to handle these effects Virtual Combat Cards includes two features. First there is the Save ends (Special) duration options. Secondly starting on version 1.5.0, users can specify a set of effects that will take place on a failed save.

To do this, users must right the condition separated by either arrows (->) or slash (/). On the save prompt VCC will suggest the next condition if the save fails.

As examples:

Tracking ongoing damage and regeneration

Starting with version 1.5.0 Virtual Combat Cards can track ongoing damage and regeneration. Effect that have the proper wording will be handled on the beginning of rounds and prompt the user to input the effective amount of healing or damage to apply.

The condition text will be split into parts on the and work and the progression separators ( -> or /).

Ongoing damage

Running a Combat

In this section we assume you have the sample data (shipped with 1.1.0). If you don’t have that you will have to create a party yourself (see Managing your Parties and Encounters). With the encounter files ready running a battle is a simple task.


This software is licensed under GNU General Public License Version 3.

Managing your Parties and Encounters

Creating a party is a simple activity once you have the compendium entries (the combatant definitions).
When building encounters VCC will show how many XP of your budget you have spent.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To improve control Virtual Combat Cards has some short cuts for common tasks.

Concepts and Conventions

In Virtual Combat Cards screen and documentation there are some terms and concept used. Understanding them will make it easier to explore the tool and also to request support.

Virtual Combat Cards User Guide

This is the Virtual Combat Cards online manual, we hope it will keep improving, and help on this is always welcome.

We strive to make VCC clear and simple to use, but as it increases in features and complexity the manual is designed to help explore the most of the tracker.

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